Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Want it Wednesday: Spring Knits

Spring is finally here. I've said it which makes it official, naturally.When the sun shone through my curtains last weekend I knew it would be the first Spring-wardrobe weekend, I put on my new floral dress and was ready to embrace the season.

Turns out I was a little over-enthusiastic. Whilst the outside world looked like Spring had finally arrived, in reality it was still cold.

Now we're in April, I refuse to wear my winter clothes. No thankyou. Winter was far too long for my liking and it is time for a change. The solution? Spring Knits.

Not the chunky but ever so comfy jumpers that were our winter best-friends, these knits are a sleeker, more refined way of keeping the chill out. Paired with jeans and flats or over a spring dress, these are the perfect transition piece. Here are my top 10 pastel beauties in shops at the moment:

1.Topshop £40.00
2.HM £9.99
3.HM £34.99
4.ZARA £17.99
5.Topshop £36.00
6.HM £39.99
7.Topshop £48.00
8.Topshop £46.00
9.Miss Selfridge £19.60
10.Zara £12.99

What's your perfect transition piece?


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