Monday, 7 April 2014

Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 Experience World Tour

I have been a Justin Timberlake fan since his curly haired, double-denim wearing *NSYNC days. Naturally therefore, when P text me saying she had a spare ticket for his 20/20 Experience World tour I was beyond excited. There may have been some screaming.

When the evening finally arrived, we drove down the Sheffield - classic JT hits blaring all the way - to lay our eyes on the man himself.

We were not disappointed. A showman through and through, Justin (yes, we're on first name terms) played a fantastic 3-hour set which we sang and danced our way through. Not one to be an album-pusher (nobody likes a money grabber) he played all the greats from accross his career Senorita, Cry me a river, Rock your Body, My Love, Sexy Back, My Love,Holy Grail... along with my faves from his 20/20 Experience album Pusher Love Girl, Suit & Tie, Let the Grove Get In and closed the show on a high with Mirrors.

All in all I beleive he played the best bits of 25-30 hits.

The stage was simple enough, a honeycomb design with various colours/images projected onto it - no distractions or fancy sets needed, his talent speaks volumes.

Singer, Dancer, Guitarist and Pianist is there anything this man can't do?

At one point the most beautiful white, Grand piano ascended from the floor.... casual.

Halfway through the show, the front half of the stage lifted up and transported him to the middle of the arena, where more of his adoring fans got a close up.

He truly is a an excellent performer and adores his fans, the entire show was designed around his fans getting the best experience and he definitely achieved it. It was all of the best bits of his singing career so far wrapped up into a wonderful set - his dancing was superb (as were the backup dancers), he took time to have a little chat with the audience and ensured that as many people as possible got a great view.

One guy even proposed....and got a personal congratulations from the great man himself(thankfully, she said yes!)

I'm still buzzing and its been a week. Until next time Mr. Timberlake, and I'll leave you lucky things with a (slightly blurry) close up of JT in all his glory...


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