Monday, 4 August 2014

Citrus Side Salad

This has been my go-to salad for summer. Healthy, easy to make and only clean, fresh ingredients means we are winning all around. I often have it for dinner as a side with Vegetable Halloumi kebabs but honestly it goes with everything. More often than not I will eat it on its own with for lunch with an avocado to bulk it out a little.

Anyone who reads my Instagram got a sneak peek when I posted a picture of my lunch last week.

The addition of the grapefruit and orange segments to the peppery rocket leaves means that every so often you get a lovely pop of fresh citrus and it gives the dish a summery edge. Plus who can resist those beautiful pink and orange colours, so pretty.

This salad came to life as a complete accident. I was on a health kick after getting back from my holiday but was craving something different. I love salads but more often than not I always turn to the basic Greek salad, Chicken Ceaser, Tuna Nicoise or Chicken Cobb - tasty but kind of boring.

So I raided my fridge and came up with the idea of adding citrus fruits, they provide a little sweetness and variation while remaining a savoury dish. so as not to spoil the healthy purpose or overpower the delicate citrus flavours of the salad, the dressing is simply olive oil, the grapefruit and orange juice and a splash or balsamic vinegar.

I hope you give this salad a try, you won't regret it!

Ingredients: (makes 2-3 side salads or one large salad)
1 Pink Grapefruit
1 large orange
1/2 cucumber
Mixed salad leaves (I used rocked, watercress and spinach)

For the dressing:
Grapefruit juice
Orange juice
2tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1. Segment the orange and the grapefruit. To do this, slice of the top and the bottom of the fruit and using a sharp knife, cut off the remaining peel down the sides. Then slice in-between the skin of the fruit segments and remove the segments. Don't forget to keep the juice and fruit pith for the dressing.
2.Arrange salad leaves on a plate and place the orange and grapefruit segments ontop.
3.Slice cucumber into segments and scatter over the salad leaves.
4. In a small bowl, add the fruit juice and squeeze the juice from the leftover pith. Combine with the olive oil and balsamic and mix well.
Depending on the amount of juice gained from the fruits, balsamic and oil can be added to compensate.
5. Dress the salad and serve immediately.

I would love to see your baking creations - if you decide to make this salad or any of the other recipes on my blog, don't forget to let me know! Tag @bakeitblonde on Twitter or Instagram so I can see all of your delicious attempts!

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