Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stationary Saviour

Do you ever see something in a shop and instantly think “I need that in my life. That one object will make me happier than anything else I have ever bought. Ever.” Ok, so a little dramatic perhaps but it comes close to how I feel about my new recipe book.

I already have a secret love for stationary. It makes me weirdly happy to have everything matching and organised and be a stationary Queen. Does anyone else get really excited by stationary? Just me? Okaaaaaay. I am not the most organised person by any means but I think it’s the combination of appearing like everything I own is colour-coded and sorted alphabetically, and having everything on show in pretty packaging. It makes me far too happy to browse stationary shops and home departments - don’t even get me started on Tupperware. This recipe book fills the bill. At present my recipe collection consists of bits of paper I have scribbled on, printed out recipes from the internet shoved into books and random notes I make on my phone. Well not any more. I now have a beautiful new book to put all of my recipes into and keep them in one place. It has different sections for different courses as well as plastic wallets to keep notes and other bits in. The pinks and purples are to die for and I love the detail of the plaited elastic strap that holds it all together. Scrambling around the house to find ‘that crumble recipe’ will be a thing of the past, I shall be cool and calm, master of my kitchen – think Grace Kelly with an apron. Yeah right. It will last a whole 5 minutes before something goes wrong and I shout expletives at the oven. However, I have the best intentions that my new recipe book will keep this to a minimum. If not, at least it looks pretty.

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