Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Damson and Co., Soho

So I'm a little late to the Damson and Co. hype. It's been all over the blogoshphere and food websites for a while now. but it wasn't until a downpour at London Proud the other week saw us dashing into the nearest cosy looking tearoom in Soho.

And so my love affair with Damson and co. began.

Damson and Co are a relatively new, independent cafe tucked away on Brewer Street. It takes lot of confidence to set up in Soho where the competition is fierce, and I respect them for that. The cafe is perfect for a catch up with friends and the bench by the window is a great spot for some first-class people watching.

I would recommend it as more of a lunch spot rather than dinner, with the plates being on the small side. The food is delicious however, lots of plates of charcuterie, superfood salads and fresh seafood. I opted for the roasted salmon with a sweet potato and beetroot salad - simply, clean and healthy; perfect for a light lunch paired with a cup of Earl grey.

It has a quirky, old-fashioned atmosphere and their attention to detail is wonderful - tea's are served with in a teapot with their own metal strainer and a tiny milk-bottle full of milk. A well-balanced mix of vintage and modern. I especially liked the mismatched cup and saucer!

If you're anything like me and have a 'London' list of all the cafe's and restaurants you've bookmarked to try out - I'd go ahead and add Damson and Co., a beautiful, quirky little cafe with lots of character.


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